Unpopular Opinion

A Friendly Guide to Hair-Touching

I recently joined a group at work that is focused on diversity and inclusion. We’re basically trying to work out the kinks in our system as they relate to our diversity and inclusion plan. During last week’s meeting we were discussing  some things that we think are problematic. I brought up an incident that had happened a few days earlier when my hair was touched by a coworker. The other Black women at the table nodded in agreement and shared their similar experiences. A few others showed disgust and wondered why someone would do it. And then that ONE person had to ask under what circumstances it would be ok.

I’ve already told you all why it’s a problem, so today I am giving you a quick and easy visual aid to help you and your friends figure out when it is appropriate to touch another person’s hair. It’s pretty straight to the point. I suggest you print out a copy to pass around the office.


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