Melanin Magic Retreat 2019

The inaugural Melanin Magic Retreat will host Black women and femmes from the Northwest. The retreat will be free for attendees to support economic justice. The goal of the weekend is to provide space for Black women and femmes to build community, gain skills and practice self-care. 


  • Political Education
    • Workshops
      • Build analysis and shared language
      • Anti-racism trainings are typically aimed to serve the privileged class and the most marginalized are rarely given the language to name their own experiences
      • Explore intersectionality
    • Discussion on colorism
      • Create caucuses to discuss polarizing issues within the Black community
      • Come together for healing and looking forward
  • Community Building
    • Fun
      • Arts & Crafts
      • Games & Puzzles
      • Karaoke
    • Trust building activities
    • Communal living
  • Self-Care
    • Hair care and beauty sessions
    • Hiking & Walking
    • Health & wellness sessions
    • Journaling
    • Healing Circles


  • October 11-13 or 18-20
    • Off season pricing is typically cheaper
    • Don’t want to travel in winter or too close to holidays
  • Plan to arrive Friday at 4pm and leave Sunday at 12 pm


  • Caravan or rent a passenger van from both Portland and Seattle
    • Possibility of including folks from Montana who will need to fly into SEA or PDX
  • Rental in or near Ocean Shores, WA (same distance from Portland and Seattle)
  • Provide dinner on Friday & Saturday, breakfast on Saturday & Sunday, and lunch on Saturday only (also provide snacks and beverages)
  • Cooking and cleaning will be communal


  • We will crowd source funding from the community so that the retreat is free of charge
    • Once $2000 is raised, the rental will be booked and applications will go live
  • Any applicant who donates to the fundraiser will have a guaranteed spot should we receive more applicants than spots available
  • Profits from Melanin Magic gear will go towards the retreat
  • $5-10 application fee (that can be waived if hardship)
    • This helps ensure commitment. Free registration sometimes leads to no-shows and we want to make sure every spot is utilized.
    • Will pay for Melanin Magic Tee

Applications are not yet available. to be placed on an interest list, please follow this link.