Shardé Nabors

Facilitator & Consultant

I was born in Portland, OR in the mid-’80s, the second oldest of my mother’s five children. She raised us with a love for knowledge and education. We spoke about race often and learned a great deal from her experience as a Black woman. 

I attended high school in the heart of Portland’s Black community. There, I was surrounded by cultural pride and community.  I became familiar with racism in the school system and organized with my classmates to fight for equity. In adulthood, I continue to learn, organize, and move towards a more radical analysis of racism and other forms of oppression.

In late 2017, I started offering community workshops. As a mother of two, issues around race come up frequently in our home, so I wanted to share my knowledge and experience in order to promote positive change in the world. Quickly I was moved to consultation and facilitation for organizations. With the goal of centering the most impacted and addressing systemic racism, heterosexism, transmisogyny, abelism, and other oppressions.

I am able to do this work because of the people who lift me up. I greatly appreciate those who support me.