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Shardé Said What? began as a personal blog for me to share my thoughts and opinions on a variety of subjects. You can still take a look at some of my old posts in the Blog tab.

I was born in Portland, OR in the mid-’80s, the second oldest of my mother’s five children. She raised us with a love for knowledge and education. That kept my head in books, trying to soak up as much as I could to learn about the world and how to navigate it. We spoke about race often and learned a great deal from her experience as a Black woman who was raised solely by her white mother in the middle of the Civil Rights movement. 

In the early aughts, I attended a historically Black high school in the heart of Portland’s Black community (the same my mother attended in the ’70s). There, I was surrounded by cultural pride, community, and Black excellence.  I also became familiar with racism in the school system and began organizing with my classmates to fight for equity and end anti-Black racism. As I transitioned into adulthood, I continued to learn, organize, and move towards a more radical analysis of racism and other forms of oppression. Especially after I became a mother of two.

In late 2017, I started providing community engagement workshops to allow space for folks to explore race and deepen their understanding. As a multi-ethnic Black mother of two multi-ethnic children of different racial identities, issues around race come up frequently in my life and my children’s life. I wanted to share my knowledge and experience in order to promote positive change in the world.

In the last few years, I’ve begun expanding my work to include consultation and facilitation for organizations and corporations who are taking the steps to work towards equity. With the goal of centering the most impacted and addressing systemic racism, heterosexism, transmisogyny, abelism, and other oppressions.

I am able to do this work because of the people who lifted me up. Those who taught me. Those who called me out. Those who offered me grace I did not deserve. Black women and femmes are powerful beyond belief. I greatly appreciate those who supported me.

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