Melanin Magic Retreat

The Melanin Magic Retreat will host Black women and fems from the Northwest. The retreat will be free for attendees to support economic justice. The goal of the weekend is to provide space for Black women and fems to build community, gain skills and practice self-care. 

Black women and fems face countless disparities in a world dictated by white hetero-patriarchy. We suffer health disparities, wealth and education disparities, and disparities in the criminal justice system. Black women and fems are being murdered by these systems and the individuals that uphold it. This space was created out of a need for rest and healing for those in the PNW, whose experiences are also drowned out by the overwhelming whiteness of this region. Community care is essential to healing in the Black community. We need to come together, build, and care in order to survive the systems designed to harm us.


Applications are not yet available. To be placed on an interest list, please click this link. For information about sponsorship, please email