Community Engagement

There are currently no public workshops scheduled. Please use the contact form below for information on corporate and non-profit workshop facilitation and consultation.

  • Understanding and Addressing Anti-Black Racism: We will learn about anti-Blackness and it’s usefulness in systems of oppression. Participants will discuss ways to address anti-Blackness in their daily lives. The goal is to deepen our knowledge and build community.
  • Intersectionality in Social Justice: We will explore the ways in which systems work together as tools of oppression. We will review vocabulary and history to strengthen our understanding of intersectionality and explore it functions in our daily lives. The goal is to deepen our knowledge and build community.
  • Parenting Black & Brown Children in the Pacific Northwest: We will learn about the challenges facing Black and brown children in our communities. Participants will discuss parenting children of color fighting systemic racism. We will explore ways to approach difficult conversations about identity, racism and more. The goal is to deepen our knowledge and build community.This workshop is open to all parents (and care takers) of Black and brown children.

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I had the great fortune of attending one of Shardé’s workshops on race. Shardé is a knowledgeable and approachable guide to all things race related. She shares her knowledge and lived-experiences with candor and I am grateful to have had the chance to learn from her. Shardé’s workshop has helped me to be a better parent and ally.” – Sawyer (Attended Dive Into Race workshop)

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