Facilitation & Consulting

Drawing from a diverse toolkit of anti-oppressive teachings, groups are able to: evaluate organizational culture and values, create space to discuss racism and other oppressive systems, manage interpersonal conflict, support community building, and takes steps toward the goal of collective liberation.

Facilitation and consulting services are available to organizations, corporations, community groups, and schools. There are three basic categories with work cratered to each unique group and their needs.

Workshop Facilitation

For groups of 8-30 people. These workshops cover a variety of topics. You can chose from one of the standard workshops or submit a request for a custom workshop that speaks to the needs of the group. Possible tools include: group discussion, role play, presentation, breakout sessions, and journaling.

Group Learning Series Facilitation

For groups of 8-30 people. Learning series can take place over a course of days, weeks or months depending on the depth of the work. Learning series allow to build on each session as well as build community withing the group. In series, groups are able to participate in circle and restorative practices, caucus, co-create equity tools, organize, collaborate, and more.

Organizational Consultation

For groups working on organizational change. Through evaluation, interviews, and sessions, organizations can work to change policy and practices over long-term periods. Consultation can include workshops and learning series.

Rates vary based on organizational budget. A basic quote is provided upon request.

1:1 consulting available starting at $50/hr. This includes emotional labor on social media platforms.

I had the great fortune of attending one of Shardé’s workshops on race. Shardé is a knowledgeable and approachable guide to all things race related. She shares her knowledge and lived-experiences with candor and i am grateful to have had the chance to learn from her. Shardé’s workshop has helped me to be a better parent and ally. 


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