Unpopular Opinion

Demanding Our Lives Be Valued

Because this is MY blog with MY name on it that I used MY money to pay for, please believe I will say whatever I want on it. There will be absolutely no sugar-coating in this post, so if you like your truth with a little sweetness, just stop reading now.

In case you didn’t know, sh*t just got real. I don’t know if it was the full moon or the fact that we don’t have many sports on TV to keep us distracted, but whatever it is, the murder of Mike Brown has unleashed something inside the Black community that has been building for a while. This is not a new issue. This is a problem that has been going on for half of a millennium. Read that again. Half of a damn MILLENIUM. The self-assigned power that they have given themselves to decide the value of our bodies. This is more than Mike Brown. This is more than Trayvon Martin. This is more than Eric Garner. This is more than Yashawnee Vaughn, who the police may not have killed, but surely made it clear that her life had no value in their eyes.

How many times do we have to be told that we’re worthless before we get mad? How many marches and peaceful rallies before we’re fed up? What is going on in Ferguson is long overdue. Are you surprised? Imagine, you have a pit bull. You train it to fight, you starve it, you kick it for no reason, you kill its puppies, you treat it like shit. How long before it bites your hand off? You cannot be surprised by this. Black people have been mistreated and devalued since before this country existed. It was only a matter of time before we snapped….again.

I will say that I personally would not participate in looting. Stealing something just ain’t my thing. But kicking the windows out of cop cars, standing with my brothers and sisters in defiance, showing them that they have no authority over us and cannot dictate how much our children’s lives are worth, yup. I would scream to high heaven and spit and throw things in anger and disgust over one of our sons being shot to death. I would not care what he did or said because his life has value. All of our lives have value. And when someone continuously takes away our most valuable resources, we have no choice but to fight back. The violence toward our young Black children has to stop at all costs.

Now, I do not care to discuss the number of Black kids who have shot other Black kids at this very moment. It is an issue, but it is not what we are discussing here. If you insist on bringing it into the conversation then let me point out a few things. Studies have ALWAYS shown that the crime rate is much higher in areas of poverty. So Black on Black violence in the ‘hood is not really a Black issue. It’s a poverty issue.  They want to look at the police shooting Black boys and say “It’s not about race.” But violence in impoverished neighborhoods is absolutely about race? F*ck you. Go to hell. And all those other phrases that are used to respond to asinine ignorant comments.

Also, I do not want to hear about how we should act in order to avoid any type of backlash. Don’t tell people how to deal with their anger. Don’t tell them how to dress. Don’t tell them how they should address the police. Just no. No. No. No. They act like we bring these issues upon ourselves. To imply that Black people are killed by police because Black people don’t know how to act is racist. Our youth are no worse than their youth. Our poor are no more ignorant than their poor. Our violence is not worse than their violence. We are not less than them. So when bad things happen to us at much much much higher rates than it happens to them, please realize that we are not the problem.

But, why is it always an “us” vs “them” issue? I can’t blame the entire white race for something one racist cop did, right? Look, the reason why it’s always an us vs. them issue is because it’s painfully obvious that the majority of “them” don’t give a fuck about “us.” All the back-handed minimizing comments made every time something like this happens, all the cruel and outright racist jargon spewed by white folks. All of that is very indicative of how they align themselves. And lets just be as real as it gets, if the majority of white people sympathized with the issues of Black people in this country, those issues would cease to exist. We are far out numbered, so if racism is perpetuated it is due to the fact that most white people are either racist themselves or completely apathetic to racism. So basically, this is on you white folks. We’ve been fighting this same fight for CENTURIES to no avail. So yeah WE will always have to take a stand against YOU because there are not enough of YOU in OUR corner. Get mad if you want to, but again, f*ck you.

I’m so tired. So very, very, very tired. I’m tired of this happening and I’m tired of talking about it. We cannot solve the issues of racism in this country as members of the oppressed class. Again, if we could, this would’ve been solved ages ago. But what CAN we do? Marches and rallies haven’t worked. We need to force the issue to be solved. We need to stop just talking and take action. We need to show them that we will not stand by idly while our sons and daughters are devalued. But how? I’m not sure exactly. But I know two things. One, I am willing to be a part of whatever it is the WORKS. And two, this fuss in Ferguson sure is making a lot of people pay attention to our issues. Hmmph!

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