Race, Culture, Nationality, and Ethnicity: Knowing the Difference

Recently I’ve gotten into a lot of “arguments” that could have been easily avoided if people understood different forms of identity. So in an attempt to spread knowledge and avoid these kinds of “arguments” in the first place, I thought I’d help out a little bit. Disclaimer: This is my opinion based on experience and... Continue Reading →


Friendly Allies vs. Unchecked Foes

The Pacific Northwest is really white. How white? Well….. Having lived in this sea of whiteness the majority of my life, I’ve had to face many battles with white supremacy. Being called “nigger” by a white relative, people avoiding elevator rides or sitting next to me on the bus, hair touching, work place discrimination, and... Continue Reading →

So, About That Wage Gap…..

“It’s time for women. Equal means equal. The truth is the older women get, the less money they make. The highest percentage of children living in poverty are in female-headed households. It’s inexcusable that we go around the world and we talk about equal rights for women in other countries and we don’t.....It’s time for... Continue Reading →


I Am Not Your Damn Fetish

Dating is stressful cuh. After spending two years with the same guy, I totally forgot how annoying dating is. You've gotta go places to meet people, then talk to them to get to know them, then weed through all the nonsense to figure out who's sane and who's batshit crazy. It's so tiring. I'm glad... Continue Reading →


Don’t Call Me Mixed

I always get offended when people call me mixed. Nobody ever really understands why either. You can say my mother greatly influenced my thoughts on my racial identity. I've also put a lot of personal thought into exactly who I am throughout my 29 years here on this earth. It's not really a cut and... Continue Reading →


Show Some Respect

After reading the comments on a news story about people of color and their issues with the police, I was compelled to share a story and offer some insight about showing respect when dealing with cops. I typically don't read the comments section on news sites to avoid being annoyed by trolls, but since I... Continue Reading →


I Am Not My Hair, But B****! Don’t Touch It.

Imagine a stranger walking up to you and commenting on the curviness of your hips. Or a coworker reaching out to touch your full lips. Or the lady behind you in the check out line asking how you got your butt to sit up like that. Or your white friend saying how "neat" your broad nose... Continue Reading →


3 Things NOT To Say When Discussing Any “Ism”

Let's talk about race baby. Let's talk about you and me. Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Ok let me stop. So, you guys know I talk about racism (and other "isms") a lot. I'm not sorry. Once I experience something more often and consistently than I experience... Continue Reading →


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