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What The Wiz Taught My Children

It has been so long since I’ve been inspired to write a full blog post. So much has gone on this year and there’s so much I could have written about, but I managed to keep it to truncated Facebook posts and brief Twitter rants. But the one thing that has a way of inspiring my writing is Black excellence in art. Last night The Wiz Live aired and this morning I have so much to say about it.

The reprise of the 1975 musical play (and 1978 motion picture) did not disappoint. The cast was perfect. The dancing was dope and the music gave me chills. With powerhouse vocals from Amber Riley leading the way, we received 3 hours of straight up beautiful art. And with its (almost) all-Black cast, it was a cultural experience worth letting my kids stay up 3 hours past their bedtime to enjoy. Read the rest of this entry


What’s the Fuss: Aaliyah Biopic Drama

I was 16 years old the day everyone’s two-ways blew up and we learned that Aaliyah died. I was a dancer and knew every single move to every single video she ever released. I cried some real thug tears that day as did just about every other Black girl my age. I’m sure you can imagine my excitement upon hearing about the upcoming biopic.

What I’m not too excited about is all the talk around it. It just seems to be a bunch of fuss. I was happy to learn that Zendaya is playing the role of Aaliyah in the film. Aaliyah was my favorite singer/dancer when I was younger and Zendaya is my daughter’s favorite singer/dancer so the whole idea is pretty neat to me. But all that was drown in a sea of complaints. First it was “But she’s not Black” which was easily silenced with proof that yes, indeed she is. Then it was “She’s not Black enough” which just disgusts me to the core. And mixed in all of that were folks asking “Who is she anyway” making it painfully obvious that they must limit their entertainment to BET and VH1 shows about hoodrats and hoes. Read the rest of this entry