What The Wiz Taught My Children

It has been so long since I’ve been inspired to write a full blog post. So much has gone on this year and there’s so much I could have written about, but I managed to keep it to truncated Facebook posts and brief Twitter rants. But the one thing that has a way of inspiring my writing is Black excellence in art. Last night The Wiz Live aired and this morning I have so much to say about it.

The reprise of the 1975 musical play (and 1978 motion picture) did not disappoint. The cast was perfect. The dancing was dope and the music gave me chills. With powerhouse vocals from Amber Riley leading the way, we received 3 hours of straight up beautiful art. And with its (almost) all-Black cast, it was a cultural experience worth letting my kids stay up 3 hours past their bedtime to enjoy. Continue reading “What The Wiz Taught My Children”


The Problem With Black People

Yesterday I was in the house with the kids holding on to my last thread of sanity when I finally decided to take them up the way to the Good in the Hood celebration. They had a blast. We ate cotton candy, they got their faces painted, watched a puppet show and we danced a bit to the live music. It was also nice to be surrounded by so many familiar faces, especially since 75% of my time is spent surrounded by those who look nothing like me. There’s just something I love about being a part of the Black community.

Good in the Hood @ Lillis Albina Park

I’m sure you’ve heard a million complaints about Black people in your lifetime (and probably any previous lifetimes as well). This is America after all. Black people are lazy. Black people are loud. Black people are ignorant, uneducated, and illiterate. Black people are violent and  angry. Black people are dirty. Black people live off welfare. I could go on for days.

The negative thoughts and opinions people have of the Black community are endless. However, those negative attributes ascribed to Black people are NOT the problem. There really is little problem when Black people are loud and ignorant and angry. The real problem with Black people is when they are not. Continue reading “The Problem With Black People”