Black Dopeness: Shawn Yoakum

Today’s entry in the Black Dopeness series earns her spot with her drive and perseverance. One of the most beautiful things about the Black community is our ability to succeed and thrive despite the oppression we face. We have risen up from some of the darkest struggles and continue to shine thru. Not everyone in the series will be featured because what they have accomplished. A few I am honoring because what they are trying to accomplish. Read the rest of this entry


Black Dopeness: Milele Lott

Every February we’re bombarded with watered down reminders of our history. I won’t even call it Black history because we as a country need to remember that everything that has happened to Black people, everything that Black people have done affects all of us. It’s not like the events in “Black history” only shaped the lives of Black people. It’s not as if all the activism only changed our lives. It’s not like the great Black inventors only created tools used exclusively by Black people. Black history is human history and we must not forget that. It’s just a damn shame that Blacks are omitted from history 11 months out of the year.

Even still, I do take the time to reflect more than usual on Black excellence during the month of February. Usually it’s posting about our history, but I think that we also need to look at the present and future of the Black community. It is a pivotal time for us and we need to be looking to our leaders and creative thinkers. That said, I will be featuring Black and brown leaders as well as allies who are doing their part to empower and simply be great. Read the rest of this entry

Tope – OH SH!T (video)

I was entirely too busy yesterday to peep this new video from Tope. What’s better than dope visuals of a dope track over the dopest of beats. The Stewart Villain produced joint couples well with the clean visual artistry under the direction of Filthiest. Take a look/listen for yourself. And if you haven’t already, check out BROKEBOYSYNDROME now.

LunchTime Legends – I’m Ready ft. Don Thomas & Rasheed Jamal

Thank God the holidays are over. Now I can focus on everything else. Before I disappeared into the chaos and Christmas decorations, I introduced you all to Deondrae Rhone. Today he has a LunchTime Legends track featuring Don Thomas and one of my faves, Rasheed Jamal. This is the first of Drae’s LunchTime Tuesdays drops. Enjoy.

People You Should Know: Deondrae Rhone

Okay, I’m going to be cheesy this morning because I messed around and caught the holiday spirit. I’m anxiously waiting to start the festivities. Looking forward to my sister coming over, baking cookies, wrapping gifts, watching epic Christmas movies and drinking seasonal beers. I’m also pretty excited about wrapping these gifts and seeing the looks on my kids’ faces when they open them. Gift giving is my favorite part of the season. So I’ll give you all a gift this Christmas Eve.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Deondrae Rhone….
Read the rest of this entry

Cop Killers vs. Killer Cops

It’s always fascinating to see how quickly blame shifts. As soon as there is an opportunity to point and say “Well look at what they did,” the weak and irresponsible pounce. It’s like with my kids. My son will do something wrong to my daughter and get in trouble but as soon as he finds something she’s done wrong he starts the, “But Payton did…” blues. Mind you, they are 6 and 7, but grown folks use the same tactics.

This weekend I heard of a Black man shooting two police officers and I knew what would follow. Blame shift city. Suddenly the anti-police brutality protestors are to blame for the shooting. A shooting only one man committed. But like all groups of people, when there is a threat to few, the whole gets defensive and wants to protect themselves from suffering the same plight. It’s natural. Read the rest of this entry

People You Should Know: Chris Williams

This week check out the who, what, when, where, and why of local clothing designer Chris Williams. You may have already checked out his LXRD brand, now you get to learn a little more about the man behind it. Read the rest of this entry

People You Should Know: Big Mo

Finals are over and I could not be any happier. I feel like every post for the last few months has started with some sort of apology for being so busy. Even still, I wanted to make sure I gave you all something this week. Today we get a look at local artist and fellow writer Big Mo.


Photo Credit: Bryce Trost, Green Luck Media Group

I came across Mo a while back performing along side J Burns and really liked his style. It’s always refreshing to hear someone who sound different and it was an even bigger treat to get to know him and learn that he is intelligent and compassionate about issues that are also very important to me. And now you all can read up a little on him before he appears tonight at Green Luck Media Group’s Hip-Hop Showcase. Check him out. Read the rest of this entry

Blossom – Eclectic Garden

I’ve never been one for blindly supporting artists. If I post something on here, it’s because I took the time out of my day to listen to the music and liked it enough to share it. Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything. I’ve been super busy all day and haven’t had a chance to listen to this quite yet, but I’m sharing anyway.

Why? Well because Blossom is an awesome individual. I love her voice and she’s always such a positive spirit, so whether or not I actually like this new EP (there’s a 99.9% chance that I will) I’m sharing it because Blossom has earned my support by simply being the shit. And I’m giving you all the chance to take a listen and fall in love with her yourself. I’ll just have to wait until after work to listen. Yes, I’m jealous.

Vinnie Dewayne – FIGHT THE POWER (Prod. I.P.)

Take a listen to the yesterday’s addition to Vinnie Dewayne’s Scholar Sundays series. After you push play, there won’t be much left for me to say about it. The time is now and if you’re not paying attention, you’ve already lost.