Melanin Magic Retreat 2019

The Melanin Magic Retreat will host Black women and femmes from the Pacific Northwest. The retreat will be 100% free for attendees to support economic justice. The goal of the weekend is to provide space for Black women and femmes to build community, gain skills and practice self-care. 


  • Political Education
    • Workshops
      • Build analysis and shared language
      • Anti-racism trainings are typically aimed to serve the privileged class and the most marginalized are rarely given the language to name their own experiences
      • Explore intersectionality
    • Discussion on colorism
      • Create caucuses to discuss polarizing issues within the Black community
      • Come together for healing and looking forward
  • Community Building
    • Fun
      • Arts & Crafts
      • Games & Puzzles
      • Karaoke
    • Trust building activities
    • Communal living
  • Self-Care
    • Hair care and beauty sessions
    • Hiking & Walking
    • Health & wellness sessions
    • Journaling
    • Healing Circles


  • Early Fall
  • Plan to arrive Friday at 4pm and leave Sunday at 12 pm
    • programming would run 5-8 Friday, 10-6 Saturday and 9-11 Sunday


  • Caravan or rent a passenger van from both Portland and Seattle
  • Rental in or near Ocean Shores, WA (same distance from Portland and Seattle)
  • Provide dinner on Friday & Saturday, breakfast on Saturday & Sunday, and lunch on Saturday only (also provide snacks and beverages)
  • Cooking and cleaning will be communal


ItemNotesEstimated Cost
House RentalLowest cost found $2000$2,500.00
Van Rental2 vans from each city $ 700.00
GasFor vans or stipends for drivers$ 300.00
Activities and supplies$ 200.00
Estimated Total$4,200.00


Applications are not yet available. to be placed on an interest list, please fill follow this link.