A Random Rant About Memes

Have I ever told y'all how much I hate memes? Memes with celebrities and things they never have or will say. Memes with typos. Memes with cheesy quotes that make no sense. All of them, but especially, memes about women. There is nothing more annoying then being told how you should act via meme. Being told... Continue Reading →


Rest In Peace Nick Cashaw

As I was scrolling thru my timeline earlier this week I was saddened to see people tweeting about the loss of young Seattle artist Nick Cashaw. I never got the chance to actually meet Nick, but had the privilege of sharing his music. I really enjoyed his work. He was different from most, in a good way. He had... Continue Reading →

Day Party Season is Upon Us

Today is my birthday and I, like many other narcissistic folks around the world, tend to spend the whole week celebrating. I started off with a trip to the beach this past weekend and I'll finish up this weekend. I was actually really excited to learn that my birthday week coincided with quite a few... Continue Reading →


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