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A Story of Modern Slavery Receives Archaic Praise

Alex Tizon was a disgusting human being and deserves no praise for writing about the atrocities he and his family committed against Eudocia Pulido. We do not need to understand Filipino culture to determine that. We do not need to consider his twisted “love” for her. We do not need to see things from his perspective as a child. All we need to know is that three generations of his family held a woman captive until she died. And on top of that he waited 5 years to return her remains to her family who was robbed of her presence for the better part of a century. Read the rest of this entry


Cool Nutz – #FLASHY feat. FliBoiMoe & Pricy (Prod. by Tope)

I have to admit. I usually don’t listen to any of these artists aside from producer Tope. And it’s not to say I don’t think they’re good artists, I just have a particular taste in music and they usually don’t fall into it. But I REALLY like this track. It has an old school summery feel to it. I just might be a day late and a dollar short on this. But what else is new? I still gotta give props where they’re do. Well done fellas.

A Random Rant About Memes

EitherOrHave I ever told y’all how much I hate memes? Memes with celebrities and things they never have or will say. Memes with typos. Memes with cheesy quotes that make no sense. All of them, but especially, memes about women. There is nothing more annoying then being told how you should act via meme. Being told how to act is bad enough, but now I’ve got to read it written out by someone with an 8th grade education over a picture of some random chick? Oy! And the worst is when its just a basic comparison of women who do this vs women who do that. Because, of course, there are only two types of women in the world.

A while ago, I came across this particular message and it sums up the way women tend to be viewed by men. A woman who is successful and hard-working will not be the type of woman to “cater” to a man. A woman with a career is not going to cook. You can’t have both. It’s really bothersome to see things like this. For one, a man should never worry about whether a woman can cook or not because he should be able to feed himself on his own. And who cares if a woman is cooking and cleaning the house is she’s not doing anything else for herself? Those are the same women you’ll complain about next week for always being broke and expecting you to pay for everything. Read the rest of this entry

Pyrex Drex Ft. Jay Child – Jesus Shuttlesworth

Because Sunday is the Lord’s day, Pyrex Drex and Jay Child had to drop a little Jesus in our lives. And man did they have some spirit in this song. Produced by Bleak, the beat carries their rhymes into our souls as they offer rounds of braggadocio and a couple of lines that will make  your girl giggle.

Rest In Peace Nick Cashaw

As I was scrolling thru my timeline earlier this week I was saddened to see people tweeting about the loss of young Seattle artist Nick Cashaw. I never got the chance to actually meet Nick, but had the privilege of sharing his music. I really enjoyed his work. He was different from most, in a good way. He had actually hit me up just last week to talk about a project he was doing and I was really looking forward to working with him. Dude had a good spirit. It’s sad to see people leave this earth young, but he definitely made his mark while he was here. Rest in peace and love young man.

If you would like to contribute to his memorial fund, you can donate here.

Pyrex Drex – Blackout

There’s nothing like listening to good music to help you make it thru a post 3-day weekend Monday. Check out the dope new slap from Pyrex Drex. Also peep his new site, (Enjoy the pictures ladies.)


Day Party Season is Upon Us

Today is my birthday and I, like many other narcissistic folks around the world, tend to spend the whole week celebrating. I started off with a trip to the beach this past weekend and I’ll finish up this weekend. I was actually really excited to learn that my birthday week coincided with quite a few summer favorites of mine. The weather hasn’t been too bad either. And with semi-decent weather in Portland comes day parties….and lots of them. Read the rest of this entry