Black Folks are at the Bottom of the Racial Hierarchy (and yes, there is a racial hierarchy)

Black folks are at the bottom of the racial hierarchy and yes, there is a racial hierarchy.

Fight me.

The trendy trifecta of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has familiarized most of the country with basic concepts of race and racism. Most are whitewashed and watered down, but there’s at least a conversation. At the policy level, racism is named (even if not wholly) and acknowledged as immoral.

As we broaden our understanding and deepen the work toward the liberation of all people, we are met with resistance. The deeper we go and the more intersections we come upon, the more folks are asked to examine their power and privilege. The discomfort is felt by all and it makes us reluctant to push through the ick to get to the truth and a step closer to liberation. Nobody wants to feel like they benefit from the oppression of others. Continue reading “Black Folks are at the Bottom of the Racial Hierarchy (and yes, there is a racial hierarchy)”


Hope 4 The Hungry

photoWavy Boy Clothing and the founder’s family charity, The Arigbon Charity Foundation have made community a priority. Last month they hosted the first Hope 4 the Hungry event in downtown Portland, feeding over 100 people near Skidmore Fountain, an area that is known for its transient population. 

Tomorrow they will host their second community event. They chose the time of 9pm because most other places don’t serve food after 6pm. Their choice to host these events over the summer is also a wise one. Many people are unaware that shelters often close over the summer. Many are open strictly during the cold months and folks tend to find  themselves in need in the warm months. Even though there’s no chance of catching hypothermia in June, there are still needs that should be addressed. The Arigbon Charity Foundation is addressing one of the biggest concerns, hunger.

For more information on the event, check them out on Facebook or at