Black Dopeness: Glenn Waco

When you think about today’s hip-hop music, you might not expect Black excellence to be found anywhere. The mainstream artists and local copy cats tend to be all about the BBB, bitches, blunts and basicness. But here in Portland, OR we are blessed to have a nice selection of artists who use their music in more productive ways. And not only do they send a message through song, they live their lives righteously and work for the betterment of the community.

10363124_1551805958397200_1535020319408008638_n23 year old North Portland native, Glenn Waco (b.k.a. Dracey Ware) is an aspiring young artist with a message that transcends pop culture and hip-hop stereotypes. His Fall 2013 release of Northbound exposes the realities of life in the ‘hood and gives a voice to the often voiceless youth. Laced with news clips from stories after the death of young friends, the album strikes cords and reminds us of the plight of young Black men and women. We’re expecting more music from him this year but as we wait, he has taken the role of a leader in the Don’t Shoot PDX movement. Not only is he present at local protests and rallies, he’s getting involved every chance he can, showing support for people of color and most notable Black women, a group that all too often goes unsupported.

Much love and respect for Glenn and all he’s doing for our community.


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