Black Dopeness: Shawn Yoakum

Today’s entry in the Black Dopeness series earns her spot with her drive and perseverance. One of the most beautiful things about the Black community is our ability to succeed and thrive despite the oppression we face. We have risen up from some of the darkest struggles and continue to shine thru. Not everyone in the series will be featured because what they have accomplished. A few I am honoring because what they are trying to accomplish.

ShawnShawn Yoakum is a young college student who is on her way to achieving her goals. She faces every challenge thrown at her head on with confidence and unshakable faith. Like most of us, she has dealt with both personal and systemic issues, but she marches on. As we all know, the struggle for college students and their finances is all too real. Shawn took the chance to reach out to family and friends for help in raising money for her tuition and books along with expenses including medical bills related to mental heath issues that are only further amplified by worrying about said finances. Check out her GoFundMe if you are interested in donating. I promise it will be a wise invest in the future of our community. She will leave her mark one way or another. Much love to all the young brothas and sistas out there trying to reach new heights.


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