Black Dopeness: Milele Lott

Every February we’re bombarded with watered down reminders of our history. I won’t even call it Black history because we as a country need to remember that everything that has happened to Black people, everything that Black people have done affects all of us. It’s not like the events in “Black history” only shaped the lives of Black people. It’s not as if all the activism only changed our lives. It’s not like the great Black inventors only created tools used exclusively by Black people. Black history is human history and we must not forget that. It’s just a damn shame that Blacks are omitted from history 11 months out of the year.

Even still, I do take the time to reflect more than usual on Black excellence during the month of February. Usually it’s posting about our history, but I think that we also need to look at the present and future of the Black community. It is a pivotal time for us and we need to be looking to our leaders and creative thinkers. That said, I will be featuring Black and brown leaders as well as allies who are doing their part to empower and simply be great.

Milele LottToday I will start with the sister who inspired these posts. Milele Lott hails from St. Louis and her close proximity to the epi-center of the movements affecting our community has given her great insight and passion to promote Black Dopeness. Milele is a beautiful woman, mother, and wife who authored her own book, Confessions of a faithful Woman which “challenges contemporary views about sexuality, gender, spirituality & relationships. While expanding ideas about ancient practices, lifestyles and social relations; it allows the reader to take an intimate journey of arousing the mind, body and spirit.”

Be sure to follow Milele’s Facebook page to see who she highlights this month for her Black Dopeness posts. And stay tuned for more amazing people I want to share with you all. Know someone who deserve recognition? Let me know.


Peace, Love, and Blackness


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  1. Thanks sis (yeah Im late) I look forward to your post this year


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