People You Should Know: Deondrae Rhone

Okay, I’m going to be cheesy this morning because I messed around and caught the holiday spirit. I’m anxiously waiting to start the festivities. Looking forward to my sister coming over, baking cookies, wrapping gifts, watching epic Christmas movies and drinking seasonal beers. I’m also pretty excited about wrapping these gifts and seeing the looks on my kids’ faces when they open them. Gift giving is my favorite part of the season. So I’ll give you all a gift this Christmas Eve.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Deondrae Rhone….


Photo Credit: Hailee Arthur

Who are you?
Deondrae Rhone aka DJ Drae Slapz aka Sir Slappington. Member of ΑΦΑ. LunchTime Legends. Avid Traveler. Creative.

What do you do?
I’m an entrepreneur/shaper of sound/creative director and strategist. Musically I producer and engineer music as well as DJ. My degrees were in Marketing and Advertising Management so business-wise my strength lies in marketing. Digital Marketing to be exact.

When did you start doing it?
At the age of 15 I met a musician/tech guy by the name of Farnell Newton who introduced me to music production. Watching him make music and soaking up the process turned into creating beats with the demo version of fruity loops and eventually upgrading to reason. Some of the first beats that I sold actually were made on the demo version of fruity loops. It’s interesting looking back on it because you couldn’t save your beats in the demo version of FL. So my computer would be on for days at a time or I would have to create an MP3 of the beat before turning off the computer or it would be lost forever. I would write “DO NOT TURN OFF” on a piece of paper and tape it onto the monitor lol. Good times.


Photo Credit: Hailee Arthur

Where can we find it?
I’m in the process of rebranding LunchTime Legends so as of now you can find our work on soundcloud and youtube.

Check our instrumental album out.

Follow the team on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram.

Also hit me for services at

Why should we like it?
Because there’s no one better. I provide a soundscape that allows artist and music lovers to emotionally connect to a song, regardless of the genre/feeling.


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