People You Should Know: Big Mo

Finals are over and I could not be any happier. I feel like every post for the last few months has started with some sort of apology for being so busy. Even still, I wanted to make sure I gave you all something this week. Today we get a look at local artist and fellow writer Big Mo.


Photo Credit: Bryce Trost, Green Luck Media Group

I came across Mo a while back performing along side J Burns and really liked his style. It’s always refreshing to hear someone who sound different and it was an even bigger treat to get to know him and learn that he is intelligent and compassionate about issues that are also very important to me. And now you all can read up a little on him before he appears tonight at Green Luck Media Group’s Hip-Hop Showcase. Check him out.

Who are you?
My name’s Mohammed, but my friends and fam call me BigMo. I’m a writer, artist and student. I was born in Jackson, MS, raised in Kuwait, and lived most of my adult-life in Oregon. I strive to give a critical perspective on society, and world politics, through an art-form that has largely lost its respect in that regard.

What do you do?
I write, a lot. I’m a published journalist, song-writer and recording artist. I also write skits, screen-plays, fiction, and non-fiction. I also handle Artist Relations (AR), event hosting, security and creative planning for Green Luck Media Group.

1655784_877019278995091_6081804591110556162_oWhen did you start doing it?
I started in Kuwait, at the age 13, about 11 years-ago. It started as emulation, like it does for many of us. I wanted to do something I thought was really cool, and I did. The rest is history.

Where can we find it?, Bandcamp and Twitter: @bigmoglmg.

Why should we like it?
You should like it because it’s different. Because my goal is to make the world a better, more understanding place. Because I offer perspective on world-issues, that the media often ignore.




Big thanks to Mo for participating. You all make sure to try to catch him tonight because he’ll be giving away 10 hours of studio time to the rapper who comes with his/her best work. And I will be back next week with another young and talented Portland artist.



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