People You Should Know: Yung Rob

I’ve had a serious case of writer’s block for more than a week so y’all have to forgive my lack of pretty little words to wrap this up nicely with. Fortunately, this week’s person you should know has enough to say for himself.

2014-07-04 13.09.11

Photo Credit: Natsumi Suki

Who are you?
I’m that kid with the juice, in a small city with big dreams, Yung Rob.

What do you do?
I make relatable music people can vibe to. Sometimes it’ll be about relationships, other times it’ll be about struggling to survive in such a f**ked up economy.

Right now I’m in the re-branding process but a couple of years ago I started a clothing line called “WeUp” after Glenn Waco and I crashed the twitter world in the Portland area and made it the #1 trending topic when the song released. I headlined my MTAD tour in cities throughout the northwest with very successful shows in Seattle, Vancouver, Portland and Medford while selling merch and promoting my upcoming project. Now I’m past that, but I’m big on fashion and plan on having some new merchandise for people by the top of the new year.

When did you start doing it?
When I was 7 years old, I’d go to the mirror and act like I was performing and I would have visions of me 15 years later doing it for real. I was born in South Central LA, where my older cousins I grew up around had a big influence on the type of music I make and still listen to today. Obviously I grew up listening to 2Pac and a lot of west coast music, but artists like Biggie, DMX, Raekwon, Styles P, Nas and Common all stuck with me. Who says a kid from the West can’t admire the east for all their quality music?

I starting writing music with my brother Sam when I was 12. We would freestyle battle against each other with our older cousins watching and instigating, but no matter what it was all love and we challenged each other to get better which has helped me today. In 2012 I was with a label (2cor entertainment) and although they did put me on a lot of tours and summer jams with some of today’s biggest artists, I didn’t have much freedom and the focus wasn’t on my debut project.

2014-10-25 02.02.16

Photo Credit: Anbesa Gebreab

Now it’s 2014, still that kid with the juice from NE Portland. Growing everyday to fully showcase my talents and in control of my next move.

Where can we find it?
You can find me on soundcloud and on youtube. Also follow me on Twitter & Instagram: @ItsYUNGROB. My debut project “More Than A Dream” is ready and will be released at the top of the new year, also expect a few videos before.

Why should we like it?
Because it has no limits and I’ve yet to put out my best work. I understand I have a lot of growing to do but I won’t take no as an answer. You live and you learn, I’m still doing both.


Thanks to Rob for sharing with us. I definitely look forward to more of his music gracing my inbox.  Until next week (when, hopefully, I can better articulate my thoughts).



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