People You Should Know: Trox

This week’s artist is my personal favorite local producer, Trox. I know, I know, I know, we shouldn’t pay favorites. But, the young man is talented. And he proves it around every corner. Trox has made beats for your favorite rappers. Everyone from Dre C to 50 Cent has been blessed with a Trox beat. And now, he blesses us with a little info about himself and his work.


Photo Credit: Noah Porter

Who are you?
Samuel Life Troxel (this isn’t bullshit). Irish and German. Short as fuck. Chonky. 20-something. Son of Daniel and Becky. Brother of Hannah and Campbell. Bearded introvert. Whiskey lover. Recovering college grad.

What do you do?
I put sounds together to make wordless rap symphonies and give said wordless rap symphonies to artists and have them say words on them in exchange for monetary compensations of all varieties.

When did you start doing it?
Right after 9/11. When the SPICE Channel was still a thing. When Benzino was known as the guy getting clowned by Eminem (still is, kinda). Since the Jail Blazer era. When Sean John was the shit. When people still had AOL email addresses.

Where can we find it?
Small Hands Big Slaps and Soundcloud.

Producers buy my drum kit make better shit:

Why should we like it?
The credits don’t lie.

And before I go, special shouts to Ty Cannon, Tony G and J Hatch.




Thanks to Trox for being a welcome addition to the series. He’s always got something good going on. Keep an eye out for upcoming projects with Jon Belz, C Plus and Ty Farris.



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