People You Should Know: Tope

I took a few weeks off to focus on school. But after earning 102% on the midterm I was most worried about, I’m back. Whoop! This week I would like to present to you a person you should already know. You’d have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to not know who Tope is. I became a fan of his music years ago and after I started blogging for WOHM, I really started to respect him as an artist and a person in general.

Tope will always say hi when he sees you in public. He’ll give you a hug or a handshake and ask how you’ve been. He’ll respond to emails, and send submissions appropriately even if he is the homie. You have to respect him for that. And if him just being a cool person isn’t enough, he’s also one of the town’s dopest rappers. Like I always say, Tope rhymes with Dope sooooooo, check him out.

Photo Credit: Mike Grippi

Photo Credit: Mike Grippi

Who are you?
Anthony Anderson aka TOPE aka Yung Topington aka Broke Boy aka Trouble Man aka You Might Not Fuck With Me But Your Girl Does aka Skinny Man TOPE aka LL Cool T.

What do you do?
Collect Polo by Ralph Lauren & Air Jordans, drink champagne, drive a Volvo, but most importantly I rap solo as TOPE and produce for a number of artists in and around the NW.

When did you start doing it?
I started rapping my freshmen year in high school after one of my friends rapped for me, but I didn’t really start taking my music serious until my mom passed away when I was 19. I released my first album ROOTS TO BRANCHES with my group Living Proof in 2007 and my first solo album SOUL MUSIC in 2010. Currently I’m preparing to drop my 14th project BROKEBOYSYNDROME this fall.


Where can we find it?
You can find all my music at & plus performing all over the NW including opening for DELTRON at The Roseland 11/7 and THE COUP 11/13 at The Hawthorne Theater.

[Check out his newest video directed by Noah Porter, Still Dope/Wild One off the upcoming project]

Why should we like it?
You should like my music because Erykah Badu does, its genuine, its honest, it tells a real story about pain, joy and everything in between. You should like my music because I use live instruments, have great production, pay attention to details, and most importantly I’M DOPE MAFUCKA!




Huge thanks to Tope for always rocking with me. When artists start to grow, you’d think they’d forget about us little folks, but Tope seems to be taking his local fame in stride. I’m anxiously looking forward to sharing BROKEBOYSYNDROME with you all. I’ve got the review cooking already. And since I’m back, you can look forward to more posts from me as well. See y’all next time.


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