People You Should Know: Strictly Bizz aka Ibz

First and foremost, I have had a blast doing the People You Should Know series on my blog. Not only did I get to share some of my favorite people with you all, but I also got the chance to learn more about them myself. That said, this may be the final installment in the series. At least for now. Working 40 hours a week, going to school full-time and raising two kids leaves little room for consistent blogging. Don’t panic, I’ll still be posting. I just can’t commit to any kind of schedule.  Plus, I already have some pretty darn awesome things in the works you should look out for. Keep sending me music. Keeping hitting me up for write-ups and interviews, and keep pissing me off to the point of ranting. Now, let’s get down to business…


I first met Ibeth on her 21st birthday when I was fat and pregnant with my son. She was friends with his dad and I was his plus one at her dinner party. She seemed cool then, but I didn’t REALLY get to know her until a few years ago when she basically became family. Long story short, our exes are bothers. *cue “Portland is small” comment*

Anyway, over the last two years or so I’ve marveled at the work that she’s put in around the Portland hip-hop scene. This woman is involved in too much to keep track of and there aren’t many who support local music like she does. And on top of all that she really is a part of the community in many ways. You have to respect her for it. Let’s get to know her a little better.

IbzWho are you?
Hello! I’m Ibeth (e-beth), AKA SB, Strictly Bizz, and most recently Trap Phone Ibz or Ibz-matic haha. I pray 5 times a day in Arabic. I listen to Mexican corridos and eat ceviche. I only buy used clothes in an effort to reduce consumerism. I like vegan ice cream and I’m obsessed with science.

What do you do?
Wow, okay let me see if I can simplify: I’m an event manager by trade. I plan and execute events including the concept, logistics, production, marketing, and overall design of the event. I also own and operate Chapters Alumni Promotions along with by partner Jacob Robertson. We book and put on mainly hip-hop shows all over the country. I’m also part of the super talented hip-hop collective SOAR LOSERS (Tre Redeau, Manny Monday, Myke Bogan, Stewart Villain, T Spoon, Vinnie Dewayne), I handle the PR for the group.

Additionally, I’m involved with various other music events and nonprofits throughout the city. I absolutely LOVE the music and arts scene here and I want to do my part to ensure that it continues to thrive.

When did you start doing it?
Well, I’ve been planning events since high school honestly. I started doing it formally in college. I was in the student government, my title was Chair of The Program Board so my job was to manage a huge budget and use it to put on all kinds of events for a very diverse student population. It was awesome! I learned so much. In 2010, I met my partner Jacob and he and I put on our first event, which was a concert at the Roseland Theater with Curren$y. It was super successful and the rest has been history. The SOAR LOSERS stuff came together last summer. I have known Tre Redeau since he was in high school. That’s how I got involved. It has been such a good match-up of artists and talents, it feels natural that we would all work together.

Where can we find it?
Well show information, booking information, and all that jazz can be found at and all the PR and marketing information can be found at

Why should we like it?
You should like it because I’m really about Portland. People often assume that because I rock with The Losers, that I won’t work with anyone else, but that’s not true. I’m always peeping new talent and looking for local artists on the rise. I want to grow the hip-hop scene in the city, I want to help artists from Portland to establish themselves on a national and international scale, I want our city to be acknowledged for all the talent that is thriving here. I feel like we can do that by uniting the scene and that’s what I strive to do. Also, because I am a Portland native and I’m here on purpose, and I love, love, LOVE my city!




And that’s a wrap. Thank you so much to Ibeth and everyone else who has shared with us.  Keep following the blog and I’ll keep giving you a reason to do so. But for now, People You Should Know has gone out with a bang. *bows*



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