A Random Rant About Memes

EitherOrHave I ever told y’all how much I hate memes? Memes with celebrities and things they never have or will say. Memes with typos. Memes with cheesy quotes that make no sense. All of them, but especially, memes about women. There is nothing more annoying then being told how you should act via meme. Being told how to act is bad enough, but now I’ve got to read it written out by someone with an 8th grade education over a picture of some random chick? Oy! And the worst is when its just a basic comparison of women who do this vs women who do that. Because, of course, there are only two types of women in the world.

A while ago, I came across this particular message and it sums up the way women tend to be viewed by men. A woman who is successful and hard-working will not be the type of woman to “cater” to a man. A woman with a career is not going to cook. You can’t have both. It’s really bothersome to see things like this. For one, a man should never worry about whether a woman can cook or not because he should be able to feed himself on his own. And who cares if a woman is cooking and cleaning the house is she’s not doing anything else for herself? Those are the same women you’ll complain about next week for always being broke and expecting you to pay for everything.

I know most of the women in my life who work full-time also come home and cook dinner. I work 40 hours a week, but still cook because I have children to feed and when I had a man, I fed him too. It’s not an either/or situation. Why are women always framed to fit into one of only two boxes?

EitherOrTwoAnother of my favorites is this meme that I think represents how women tend to be viewed by other women. It speaks to the competitiveness amongst women. When I see it I imagine some girl rolling her eyes at another for getting praise for something she cannot do herself. Look, there are plenty of women who can do all of what’s mentioned here and plenty who can’t. Does that make one group better than the other? Depends on who you ask really. A woman who can’t twerk may feel like she’s a better woman for not knowing how, but there’s a man who will prefer a woman who can twerk and that’s just fine. A man’s preference for a woman with qualities you do not possess shouldn’t really have an effect on you.

It’s just crazy for a person to think they can sum up the whole of a woman or even the entire gender in a few words on a picture of some random chick. Nobody can put anyone else into a box. This isn’t a form requesting demographic information where you “must check only one.” The goal for women (and all people in all aspects of life) should be to be well-rounded. And I honestly don’t think that most women are one way or the other. We’re all very different. We all bring our own things to the table. There’s no reason to compartmentalize or compete with one another.

And to the men out there, have several seats. A lot of y’all want the world from a woman but owe thousands in child support and don’t know how to seperate your own laundry. Do better before you ever get to have better.

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