Rasheed Jamal – Urban Decay

I’ve gotta say, my favorite thing about this is the cover art. My goodness! Such a powerful image that sums up how many of us feel. So powerful, in fact, that it started several Facebook debates that I may or may not have added my two cents in.

Ok, that was a lie. Obviously I think the cover art rocks but it has nothing on the song itself. You know what I love about Rasheed Jamal’s music? I can call it art. I can call it beautiful. It evokes emotion. Urban Decay speaks to you from a real place. The lyrics literally call for “a moment of violence” and addresses many of the internal struggles people have with acceptance. I’m already in love with his upcoming project, Sankofa after hearing only a couple of tracks. Stay tuned.


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  1. this is dope lyrics man. lets connect soon on my Lost American Citizens project. Egbe


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