People You Should Know: Elton Cray

The first time I heard Elton Cray was on Moment in Time with Jake Kost and Rasheed Jamal. He was my favorite on the track, honestly. I was digging his flow and was lucky enough to see him perform a few times as well. His high energy electrified the crowd at Kelly’s Olympian when he opened for The Resistance in March of this year. And every other time I’ve seen him, he’s given off such a powerfully positive vibe.


Photo Credit: Jessica Arden Redden

The young Portland transplant is not your typical rapper. And I love anything that goes against the norm in the world of entertainment. We need someone who doesn’t fit into the cookie cutter. See why Elton Cray is the one to break the mold.

Who are you?
Elton Cray; a gay hip-hop artist/artist from southern California currently living in Portland, OR which I now call home, permanently.

What do you do?
Well, I rap, sing, dance, inspire, write all my song (I had to throw that in there) draw, skateboard, love. That might have been too much, but I am an artist. We are a bit excessive. But yeah, I do art. I make art. I am art.

When did you start doing it?
I started doing it seriously in 2011, but I started entertaining the idea my junior year of high school. Prior to that I had no musical/artistic background nor experience. I started doing music, especially rap because it moved me and I felt I could do it and move others as it did to me. It’s quite inexplicable really. All I knew was that it was in me to do and come hell or high water I was going to do it.

Where can we find it?
Hmmmm, let’s see. Oh! Here ya go: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Facebook.


Photo Credit: Unknown

Why should we like it?
It’s something you can feel. It’s real. It’s autobiographical. It’s for everyone to hear. It’s really good. I mean, check it out for yourself. It’s really good. And oh yeah, because I do it for the listeners. If you guys don’t listen, I guess I should stop making music right? lol. Naw, but on the real, it is good music and inspirational. It moves mens hearts.

Peace and Love



Thank you, thank you, thank you to Elton for sharing with me and all of us a little be about who he is. I am a fan and I’m going to continue looking out for new work. Also, makes sure you peep his show next Saturday at The Rose and also on October 18th at Ash street with Serge Severe.



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