People You Should Know: Blossom

You know when you hear about a person long before you ever know who they are? Yeah, that’s Blossom. I had been hearing her name, seeing it attached to songs and all that jazz before I really knew who she was. I’d hear a song and say, “Who’s that?” And homeboy would reply, “Oh, THAT is Blossom.” Then I started seeing a pretty girl pop up at events and point her out and go thru the same Q & A. And one day she tweeted that she saw me too. Funny how the world works now.

Anyhow, I always doubt buzz slightly. Especially when it’s guys buzzing over girls. So hearing all the good things about Blossom from my guy friends wasn’t enough. I had to find out for myself. After I followed her on Twitter and read her tweets, I knew she was authentic. There’s a reason people speak highly of her. She just has a good vibe. And I like sharing good vibes with folks so, here she goes….

Blossom2Who are you? My name is Keisha Blossom Rennia Diana Chiddick, but I go by Blossom. Try putting that on your resume, School ID or passport. I’m Trinidadian (West Indian). I moved straight from Trinidad to Oregon and I’ve been here ever since.

What do you do? What I’m known for is singing, mainly on hooks. But I am a singer/song-writer/choreographer. I write all my own melodies and lyrics; I take immense pride in that. I taught dance for 2 years and still give private lessons if anyone wants them. [Writer’s note: Yes, I do!] I love music. It’s funny because I really thought I would be a world champion dancer. Yes, world champion. And now I sing slow jazz. I’m gonna make it work, though. I love them both too much to say I’m just a singer or just a dancer.

When did you start doing it? I’ve been an artist for years. Trinidad is known as the home of the steelpan, which if you’re not familiar is a drum that is tuned to hold the same notes as a piano made out of 55 gallon oil cans. I started playing the steel drums with my family at the age of 12 all over Washington and seasonally at Saturday Market. As I got older I put more of my attention into ballet, hip-hop and lyrical dance styles. I was a backup singer in Portland until I moved to LA in 2012 on a bus with my best friend and started singing there for work.

Where can we find your work? I have an EP coming out in the fall and it will be uploaded on Soundcloud and on Bandcamp! You can also find me on twitter: @thatsblawesome and Instagram: @bamb00banga.

BlossomWhy should we like it? Everyone wants something they can relate to. In a world full of unique individuals we get visually attacked by how we are supposed to look what we should be doing and where we should be going. My music gives you time to breathe and just feel. You go through all these amazing moments in life but what’s remembered is how you felt when you experienced them. My music is that feeling. My music is nostalgia.







I’m glad Blossom so willingly shared with me. I was getting tired of the fellas. No shade, but we tend to forget about the awesome things the ladies in the great NW do. I’m hoping to throw a few more girls in the mix in the coming weeks so be sure to stay tuned.



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