People You Should Know: Kan Jones

When you think about the entertainment world, who do you think of? What names do you know? Most times, it’s those who stand in front of the camera, but far too often, we forget those who hold the power in their hand. Kan Jones has been holding that power in his hand for several years now. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen him without a camera in his hand.

It’s sometimes hard to build a name for yourself in the town as a newcomer. For a while people wonder exactly who the tall dude with the dreads was, but eventually, the name “Kan” and the word “Aktiveity” were being tossed around often enough. Even still, recognition of his work isn’t that reflective of recognition of him as an individual, so I thought I’d give you all a chance to get to know the guy a little better. Don’t be scurred.

Kan SSWWho are you?
I think at times I confuse people with my appearance versus my ambition which works in my favor quite often. I look like your typical NFL full back at 6′ 5″ and 255lbs…dreads and tats included. Although I come from “it” (meaning the streets to my less urban readers) like a lot of others, I never let “it” limit my ideas nor my interests. I’m a very visual person. I can be taken to a place once and remember my way back by the things I saw like buildings, stores, a bent stop sign ect. I like to watch so my style of learning is very visual and with this creative outlet I’ve found a way to help people express themselves while infusing my own concept of art into the mix…I  guess I’m a lot of things depending on who you ask… Man, Father, Son, Brother, Artist, Tall dude with the camera, The one guy that always has a styrofoam cup and a smorgasbord of other little eccentricities which when combined makes me; Kan Jones.

What do you do?
I keep a Canon on me and when it’s action I pull up on the set and start shooting! Yes, you read that right. I’ll pull up and start shooting the Canon…. Canon 5D Mark II to be exact. I’m a freelance videographer / editor for my imprint Aktiveity Media. I shoot small business commercials, events, short documentaries, music and creative videos. I try to make it possible for those with a brand to engage with their target audience on another level. If you want people to remember your face, remember the name Aktiveity Media.

Another part of what I’m doing is building relationships with other creatives. I’m trying to create period. See the way my brain is set up… I can’t stop trying to figure stuff out, and people who know things that I don’t are my source of sanity.

I use the tag line “Be Your Brand” often because I feel like if you believe in your brand it becomes you and you become it. You see me, you see Aktiveity Media. You know shaking hands kissing babies and whatnot. Yeah That’s me.

Kan SSW2When did you start doing it?
In response to my own dilemma of not having a video guy for some of my personal projects, I started Aktiveity Media in 2010. Initially, I started with the intention of learning enough to shoot my own projects. After finding a weird peace in filming projects and watching the evolution of a person’s ideas at 24 frames a second become reality, I got comfortable staying behind the lens. I think that starting out with the intention of being in front the lens adds to the quality of my shoots and edits because I film every video with the thought, “would I want this video to represent me?” Fast forward a few courses, countless hours of tutorials, trial and error along with a couple of DSLR filming forums and we are here in 2014. I think the name Kan Jones and Aktiveity Media are becoming more familiar and the association is with quality. I want there to be a day when people see the logo on screen and instantly get comfortable in their seat and tell whoever is around to STFU so they can watch something I shot just because they know they’re going to be visually engaged and satisfied..

Where can we find it?
My website, Vimeo, YouTube and in case you don’t have 3 to 5 minutes to watch a video, there is also my Instagram: @kanjones_aktiveitymedia.

Why should we like it?
Simple, because I’ll shoot you.




I see what he did there. Thanks to Kan for sharing with us and make sure you guys look out for that Aktive stamp of approval the next time you watch your favorite artist’s video.

‘Til next time.



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  1. Keep doing your thing little nephew! I’m proud of you!


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