People You Should Know: Bayo Arigbon

You know they say everybody has a clothing line now and I admit that I say the same thing. It seems like everybody with a little extra time on their hands is printing t-shirts and desperately trying to get someone else to like their regurgitated designs. That said, I was a little skeptical when I heard that Bayo Arigbon had come up with a line of his own.

Luckily I was pleasantly surprised with the clothes he’s put out. Well maybe not too surprised. Bayo has always had a pretty dope fashion sense. As long as you’re not catching him going to or from the gym, he’s usually dressed pretty snazzy. And his Wavy Boy Clothing line has a variety of snazzy items for men, women and children, ranging from hats, tees, crewnecks, and even pants and leggings. I just got a tank myself the other day and I’m sure you’d find something in the collections you’d like as well. So, let’s get to know the man behind the brand.


Photo Credit: Nicholas Robinson

Who are you?
My name is Bayo Arigbon. I am a Jefferson graduate and professional athlete. Being a professional athlete has not only allowed me to see every continent besides two, it also allowed me the opportunity to call myself a business owner, and charity founder.

What do you do?
I created The Wavy Brand, which consists of Wavy Boy clothing, blog, media, and photography. I also founded The Arigbon Charity Foundation which has helped over 400 people already and will continue feeding over 100 people per month with our Hope 4 the Hungry events.

When did you start doing it?
The charity started in early 2011. Wavy Boy Clothing was founded on February 14th 2013. Yup Valentine’s Day! I did that just so I wouldn’t be lonely if I didn’t have a valentine. Lol I’m playing. It just so happened to be that day when everything became official. In just a year in a half God has allowed us to make our way into 2 physical stores, and 3 online market places!

Where can we find it?
You can check out the Wavy Boy website for clothes, blogs, and other media or on Twitter and Facebook. And to get more information on The Arigbon Charity Foundation visit (info on donating time or money available there as well).  Other than that, you can find Wavy Boy Clothing in stores at Future Shock, Yeawhatevers and online at

Photo Credit: Nicholas Robinson

Photo Credit: Nicholas Robinson

Why should we like it?
If the clothes don’t already speak for themselves, you should like them because there’s something for everyone. Also, certain collections donate proceeds to charity. We work with teams, we’re based out of Portland, we’re different, and most important Wavy Boy Clothing is Confidence in Clothing form.




Thank you Bayo for being a part of the series. Also thanks for letting me do a little behind the scenes writing for the Wavy blog a few months back before I launched Sharde Said What? I needed to keep my writing skills sharp. And folks, make sure you check out his gear and cop a couple of beanies to prep for the upcoming cold Oregon weather. And most definitely take a look at the charity foundation because not too many young folks are doing what he’s doing with his family to give back to the community.

See ya next week! Oh! And make sure you wish Bayo a happy birthday tomorrow. You’re getting old dude.



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