People You Should Know: Sadiki Stone

Last Friday I started the People You Should Know series by introducing you all to Portland artist, Pyrex Drex. I’m used to working with and interviewing musicians. Most of what I post that isn’t an opinion piece is music. I thought I’d step outside of the box this week, though and introduce you all to a fellow blogger, Sadiki Stone. It’s crazy to think that I’ve known of Sadiki since I was about 11. He’d walk past my house between John and Michael Lee’s and Aaron Miles’ bouncing a basketball until I was a freshman at Jefferson his senior year. He was already pretty much a celebrity to most of us younger kids. Ha! Youth.

Photo Credit: Krutch (503tv)

When 503tv began to buzz, it was easy to become a fan. Demos support Demos, you dig. I like the work he’s done with the brand, highlighting all things 503 and I respect him a lot as an artist and blogger. I even have my own 503tv t-shirt that is my favorite local-made gear to rock. I should probably cop another one because I’ve just about worn it out. Enough of that, let’s get to know Mr. Stone and why I think he’s so dope.

Who are you?

My name is Sadiki Stone aka Sai Stone. I founded and operate 503tv Productions alongside my partner John Lee Jr. aka Krutch. I’m a husband, a father and native Portlander. I graduated from Jefferson High School and Willamette University. Prior to Jefferson I went to Humboldt Elementary School, Harriet Tubman Middle School and have been a member of Self Enhancement Inc since the second grade. Based on the schools I went to, the neighborhood I grew up in and my limited travels I thought Portland was as Black as Atlanta as a young child. It wasn’t until I went on a Black college tour in high school that I realized the shock Black people from across the country have finding out there is….or was a Black a community in Portland Oregon. Since then I’ve wanted to be a part of the narrative when it comes to the city of Portland and the people that reside here.

What do you do?

By day I am a Prospective Student Coach for an Ivy League University via a company named InsideTrack. Evenings and weekends I am a videographer and photographer. I’m also the editor-in-chief of “503tv The Blog” which serves to promote the Great Northwest on a national level.

When did you start?

We released our first video in January of 2009, it’s called “Arctic Blast 2008” it documented that crazy winter storm we had and us snowed in trying to make the best of it. That video was filmed with cell phone footage and my partner’s mom’s standard def Sony handy cam.

Where can we find your work? will get you access to our webpage, blog, social media sites etc. (Facebook and Twitter)



Photo Credit: Krutch (503tv)

Why should we like it?

Because there are a lot of “look at me” people in the world. I use my platforms for exposure to promote you! With nearly 250 videos on YouTube, you might catch me in two maybe three. We created the blog because we recognize the greatness of so many local videographers, musicians, athletes etc and felt that we were doing a disservice to the town we’re named after by only showcasing projects that we produced personally.

I really live and breathe Portland and the Northwest as a whole. I’ve known my lane since a kid and have always remained true myself and my beliefs. Because of that I am respected and have respect for many of the individuals that I consider factors in this town. The only substantial money I make doing this comes from business clients, most of which will never be seen on 503tv.Yet my partner and I keep 503tv active, relevant and remain true to the reason we started this company. We are familiar with some of the dopest, most creative and intelligent individuals and we want to make sure we’re not the only ones.




In the past couple years that I have been blogging, Sadiki has always been a supporter. I think he was even sharing posts from when I was writing and editing for Rude Girl Magazine in 2012. I always appreciate when people genuinely like my work. And I definitely appreciate those who are willing to help me share their stories on my blog. Respect.

We’ll see you next week.



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