21 Things I’d Rather Do Than See Beyonce in Concert

So Bey and Jay are in the middle of the On The Run turn and 75% of the women and gay men I know are going crazy. Folks were frantically buying tickets, searching for the freshest outfits and securing carpools to make it to the nearest venue. I just don’t get it. Bey is an amazing performer, I’ll give her that. But paying $200 to see her sing and dance is a bit much. Plus the $100 or so you’ll spend on your outfit, $80 in gas, $150 for the hotel over night and you know you gotta eat too. Just whoa! I heard some chick got her car repossessed but still managed to get tickets to the show. You’ve gotta be kidding me people. It’s not that serious. I don’t care if Michael Jackson was reincarnated and showed up to perform along side Bey for a tribute to Whitney Houston and Tupac, there are just some things that I think people invest too much time, money and energy into. I’ll just buy the DVD.

There are sooooo many other things I could do with all that y’all are putting into this Beyoncé show. Like….

1. Pay my light bill 6 months in advance.

2. Get a tattoo (or 5).

3. Take a trip to the Bay.

4. Pay for a college course.

5. Spend the weekend at the beach.

6. Sign my kids up for summer camp.

7. Buy the complete box set of The Office on DVD.

8. Feed a small village in a 3rd world country for a week.

9. Pay off that 5-year-old sprint bill.

10. Go back to school shopping for my kids.

11. Buy a new mattress set.

12. Take a fine chocolate man to Casa Diablo and have the best night of my life.

13. Pay my copay for lasik eye surgery.

14. Buy a puppy.

15. Go horseback riding on the beach.

16. Trade up for the Samsung Galaxy 5.

17. Pay my mom back.

18. Get headshots for my daughter.

19. Pay a couple of those parking tickets.

20. Go on a shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret to add to my drawer full of unused lingerie.

21. Have dinner at Ruth’s Chris cuz…man.


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