PDX Pop Now Recap

This past weekend was a whirlwind. I heard more than a couple of people express their exhaustion and satisfaction last night in the final hour of PDX Pop Now. Spanning over three days, the festival brought amazing artists to perform and crowds full of awesome people to watch.  I missed Friday’s festivities because I was laying up at home sick. But I was lucky enough to catch a couple of sets on Saturday and Sunday.


When you go to a show under the Hawthorne bridge, you never know what to expect. Saturday the sun was blazing and even the simplest sundress wouldn’t keep you cool. However, the heat didn’t stop The Resistance from hitting the stage in the late afternoon and giving it their all. I never get tired of watching Glenn Waco, Mic Capes, and Rasheed Jamal perform. With sweat dripping and hands up they rocked the crowd with selections from each of their individual as well as collective catalogs.

Their classic playful routine was not lost on the crowd. Rasheed did push ups against the back of the stage when he wasn’t on the mic. Glenn went from stoic to giggling whenever Mic cracked a joke. And those of us in the crowd wiped sweat from our faces wondering how the trio could seem so cool in the heat, especially Glenn who was rocking a sweatshirt the whole time. At least Rasheed, predictably, shed a layer or two throughout the set. As always with The Resistance, never a disappointment. We even got the special treat of seeing Vinnie Dewayne hit the stage to perform The North Face from Glenn Waco’s Northbound.P1060855

Sunday night Myke Bogan hit the stage and boy does he have awesome crowd control. It was only my second time seeing him perform live and I was again, impressed. With DJ Fatoboy there to help get the crowd hype, Myke bounced from one end of the stage to the next playing a game of Myke Says with the crowd. When he said “hands up,” everyone’s hands went up. When he said “say hey,” everyone said hey. And to make things even more awesome, he too, pulled Vinnie Dewayne on stage to perform a song. Vinnie definitely made himself known this weekend.

Halfway thru Myke’s time on stage, I found myself surrounded by hard-core Bogan fans who belted out every word to every song and shrieked with excitement every time the next beat dropped. Look folks, Myke Bogan is winning. At the end of the set, as he was saying his goodbyes, the crowd started chanting for one more. And he gave it to them. Then he lit up on stage and the crowd went bananas. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure if you can make a bunch of folks in Portland lose their minds over your music at 10:30 PM on a Sunday night under a bridge, you’re doing something right. Peep the clip of him performing Wasted and keep a look out for what he has coming up next.


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