My Own Damn List

Yesterday Juice Radio wrapped up their Freshest in the Northwest list. Here’s the final rankings:

#1 Raz Simone, #2 Gifted Gab, #3 Sol, #4 Nacho Picasso, #5 Tope, #6 Thaddeus David, #7 Luck-One, #8 Grynch,#9 Sam Lachow,#10 Leezy Sorpano

The list was determined by a mix of fan and panel votes. The panel consisted of local hip-hop heads, bloggers and veteran artists with “expert” opinions. And you know what they say about opinions. It’s crazy how a LIST can inspire so much negativity. Most cats who actually made the list did so gracefully. And anyone who thinks Nacho Picasso’s rant was a sign of him being salty, just doesn’t get Nacho Picasso. The folks who REALLY get mad are the fans of artists and that’s both funny and sad. However you look at it, it’s just a list. Just a bunch of random opinions. If you don’t like the list, go make your own.

That said, I wanted to poke the bear. This is not a “best” list or a “freshest” list. It’s not a “most relevant” ot “most popular” list. This is a “Sharky’s favorite NW rappers” list. There are plenty of talented cats cho I don’t like. I can recognize the talent of artists like Cassow, but I don’t listen to his music because it’s not my style. Just like I can say that Jay-Z and Kanye West are two of the world’s greatest, but I haven’t listened to their work since 808s and the Black Album. I’m just not the type to listen to music just because an artist is popular or because some other blog posts it. I listen to what I like and here’s what I love….

1. Luck-One
For those who don’t know, I’m a nerd. And Luck reads books and then raps about them. He quotes philosophers and speaks of spirituality. I get tired of ignorant rap. So Luck is an easy favorite for me. Not to mention, he’s just dope. From his content to his delivery, I can listen to his entire catalog and not get bored.

2. Nacho Picasso
Because life needs balance. Whereas Luck-One appeals to my intellectual side, Nacho appeals to every other side. No matter what non-simping mood I’m in, there’s a Nacho bar for that. I really do feel like there are too many people who don’t get him. The dark, twisted, ratchet, deep, sarcastic amazing mess that he is.

3. Gifted Gab
I just slurped Gab the other day so I won’t over do it. Just know that when a chick can make it in a man’s world, her worth trumps her male counterparts.

4. Myke Bogan
Myke really has that “it” factor. I really dig his laid-back mary jane laced tunes. I swear you can get a contact high listening to his music. And when I saw him perform live a while back I found myself doing all the corny crowd ish that I don’t normally do. Bottom line, dude is dope.

5. Thaddeus David
I like Thad. I’ve been bumping None The Less like every day for the last nine months. Idk what exactly it is about his flow, but it always gets me going. Like fellow Moor, Nacho Picasso, Thad makes what I like to call “No f*cks” music. I just put it on and blast it and suddenly all the f*cks I had to give disappear.

6. Jon Belz
Consistency is my favorite thing about the boy Belz. His voice, his beat selection, whatever it is that he does to make good music, it works, often. I also love his individual sound and the often comical characters he puts into his songs.

7. Mic Capes
I like Mic as an artist and in real life for the same reason. He’s authentic. He raps about real life experiences and he sends a message. Plus I gotta respect those who make references to Nat Turner and name songs after Black activists. The revolution may not be televised, but you may just catch it coming across radio waves when a Mic Capes record drops.

8. Tope
Gotta give it to Tope. When I want to have fun, I’ll put on a track and dance around like a college freshman. Not only is his solo work pretty outstanding, the work he’s done with TxE gets the people going as well. There are not many artists who can control a crowd like Tope.

9. Vinnie Dewayne
I will admit that I was sleeping on Vinnie for a minute, but after hearing some of his work with other artists like Glenn Waco, I was wide awake and paying close attention. I just love the way his voice plays around a beat. And his story-telling style is similar to that of Mic Capes in that he gives us a glimpse of real life ish. Save the fake stuff for Rick Ross.

10. Yo Mamma
Because why does every  list have to have 10? That number is so over rated. And I’m difficult. So there.



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