Gifted Gab Earns #2 Spot For Freshest in the Northwest

Juice Radio has been making me hold my breath waiting to hear who made this year’s Freshest in the NW list. I slowly let out breaths when a few of my favorites earned their spots. I screamed a little when the homie Tope finally got his placement at #5 and nodded in approval of Luck-One, Thaddeus David, and Nacho Picasso’s ranking.  But all this time I was praying that one particular artist would get a spot and today I damn near fell out my chair when she did.

In case you guys don’t know, I LOVE Gifted Gab. I was beyond ecstatic to see her become the first lady to make the list and even happier that she ranked in at the #3 spot. (The next day, she was voted past Sol to claim the #2 spot) Not only is she one of only a few female rappers in the region, she’s also one of the BEST rappers in the region. Your girl can rap circles around your favorite artist. Trust me. She also gets mad props for being able to hang with her Moor Gang brethren. Anyone who can survive kicking it with Nacho Picasso on a regular basis has got to be pretty amazing.

I honestly don’t have a real point for this post. I just wanted to congratulate the Queen on rightfully earning that spot over so many other dope artists. And also #GirlPower. Ha!

That said, go ahead and take a look an interview I did with her a few months ago and listen to her latest album, Girl Rap (which I honestly listen to every day.) Also visit Juice Radio to check out the rest of the list.


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