Why Meek Mill is REALLY Mad at Wale

There will never be anything funnier than a rapper in his feelings. And this morning started out with absolute comedy from the MMG camp. Apparently Meek Mill is upset that Wale hasn’t tweeted about his new album. An album which most of my timeline didn’t even know existed. But perhaps they would have if Wale tweeted about it.


So, Meekie is mad and ranting about lack of support (sound familiar?) and the new kind of racism he has to deal with in the industry and dead puppies and lost kittens and chipped nail polish. Whateves. But I’m not buying it. The fervor with which those tweets were sent implies that this is about more than Wale failing to tweet. What could it be, though? Well, I have a few ideas…

1. While watching OITNB, Wale said Piper was stupid for sleeping with Alex, but Meek  is #TeamAlex.

2. Wale went and got his dreads twisted by another b*tch.

3. Rick Ross invited Wale to happy hour and told him not to tell Meek.

4. They went to see Deliver Us From Evil and Wale refused to let Meek get in bed with him in the middle of the night.

5. Wale said Scrappy was prettier.

6. Omarion rode shotgun in Wale’s car on the way to the last MMG bbq.

7. Wale borrowed Meek’s favorite polo and still hasn’t given it back.

8. Wale has been playing Illest B*tch Alive on repeat and Meek just learned it’s not about him.

9. Meek finally got tired of Wale sending him Facebook game requests.

10. Wale used up the last of Meek’s chapstick.


Happy Tuesday y’all.

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