Feelings and Music and Lists, Oh My!

In case you’ve been asleep all week, the Northwest interwebs are abuzz with talk of another top ten list. At least this one is reputable. With the Freshest in the NW list dropping one by one this week, the tension is building, Twitter is crying, and they’ve only made it to #8. From the cries of, “No list is valid without mention of *insert unknown artist here*” to “These lists are stupid as hell” I’ve laughed enough to burn off the calories in my cup of coffee. But really, ain’t nobody got time for that.

UntitledHere’s a tip: if you’re crying about a top ten list, you didn’t deserve to be on it to begin with. Portland artist, Pyrex Drex decided to focus on the positive aspect of it all while he’s prepping to launch his new website and just a week after dropping his new track, Temporary Forevers.

Seattle vet, Sam Lachow also proceeded gracefully after being leap-frogged by Luck-One to land in the #9 spot. People began questioning his relevancy, pointing out the lack of recent work, despite earning the #2 spot last year. Instead of whining like Keith Sweat, he circulated a single from his upcoming project. Dreams of Gold featuring Raz Simone and Ariana DeBoo is the perfect reminder and gives us lots to look forward to when Huckleberry drops later this summer.

Look, I don’t want to beat a dead dog here. Every time these lists come out, the pot stirs. That’s the point for putting them out in the first place, isn’t it? All I’m saying is, take it with stride. Don’t get too cocky, don’t sound too emotional. Use it to your advantage and keep doing what you should already be doing in the first place. Work.


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