Day Party Season is Upon Us

Today is my birthday and I, like many other narcissistic folks around the world, tend to spend the whole week celebrating. I started off with a trip to the beach this past weekend and I’ll finish up this weekend. I was actually really excited to learn that my birthday week coincided with quite a few summer favorites of mine. The weather hasn’t been too bad either. And with semi-decent weather in Portland comes day parties….and lots of them.

This Thursday is the 2nd installment of Last Thursday on Alberta Street this year. Not quite a “day party” however, some folks do go strictly for the purpose of socializing, hearing good music and getting drunk. Only difference between that and a day party is that you can buy weird arts and crafts, see white people dragging their kids around on leashes and you have over a dozen blocks to walk and maybe help you work off the calories from the shots you take with your hoodrat friends. And the best part is that we get to experience it every last Thursday of every month this summer.

BUT, what I’m really looking forward to is The Do Over. If you’ve ever been, you already know. If you’ve never been, you should go this Saturday. The Do Over is the BEST day party you’ll ever go to. Music, alcohol, folks you want to see and even some you don’t, but it never matters because everyone is too busy enjoying themselves.  As a girl, I like the fact that I can “go out” without worrying about being uncomfortable in heels and a mini skirt. Only the most pressed chicks show up like they’re going to the club in Vegas. Most of us throw on shorts and tanks and enjoy the day. We drink. We smoke. We flirt. Hey boo! We get to see surprise guests. And most importantly, we dance. Call me weird, but I’m the type who goes out to dance. Standing around looking cute is optional.

All that said, there are a couple things you should remember during your fabulous day party adventures:

  • Use the buddy system. You don’t want to be the drunk one asking random stranger where your friends are. You don’t have to hold hands, but once you’re intoxicated its best to at least inform somebody of your whereabouts all the time. I’ve seen enough lost drunk girls in my day and it’s hilarious sad.
  • Know your limit. A party like The Do Over goes from 2pm-9pm. People try to get there early to avoid lines which means some start drinking early too. And if you start drinking early, you should probably STOP drinking early as well. Ordering drink after drink to pass the time is dangerous to your liver and your bank account. Be smart.
  • Drink water! Sad how many people forget to do this while drinking, especially outside all day. A lot of these parties will occur on Sundays and you don’t want to show up at work on Monday with your head feeling like the seven dwarfs are off to work on your frontal lobe.
  • And just have fun. Day parties have no room for drama so don’t bring any.



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